RUF R Spyder

The RUF R Spyder is an open, hand crafted sports car, which will be produced in a limited number of 49 cars. The body of the R Spyder is manufactured by Studiotorino in Turin, Italy. Except for the front left fender the complete body, including the bumpers, is a whole new design. The materials used for the custom body are steel sheets, aluminum and carbon fiber. Due to the lowering of the windshield frame the front-and the two lateral windows are taylor made. The stability of the windshield frame remains. It provides, in combination with the two roll bars, the best safety in a rollover. A band in a different colour at the back of the R Spyder traces two distinct lines onto the rear fenders.

The basis of this kompressor engine is a centrifugal compressor with a planetary gearbox – a kind of mechanical turbo charger, which is driven mechanically by a Poly-Rip belt. The maximum boost is 0,5 bar. The engine has a RUF designed intake manifold, modified injectors, sports catalytic converters and a modified electronic engine management system. The water-cooled charge cooler has a cooling water circuit with an electric water pump from the water cooler in the front spoiler