Carbon Fiber Is the New Black


With the evolution of the 991.1 GT3 RS came new pronounced body work featuring louvers in the front fenders & air inlets in the rear quarter panels. In OEM spec, this body work comes in a black plastic. We took to improve these features with a more refined carbon fiber alternative.

This carbon fiber exterior package we installed included the front fenders louvers, rear quarter panel air inlets, PORSCHE rear decklid panel, and the rear wing edge trim.

In addition to exterior trim, the interior trim was also stepped up a notch. The steering wheel inserts and dash trim were swapped for carbon fiber pieces. Moreover, some interior trim was replaced with supple leather wrapped pieces to match the OEM deviant stitched dash look. These included the steering wheel trim, clam wheel & sport chrono clock.

Midnight Blue - 964 Turbo Look


Unveiled in 1989, the Porsche 964 featured a heavily revised suspension over its predecessor. The older 911 torsion bar suspension was binned & coilovers were introduced along with the new Weissach rear axle. This type of coilover setup has been used by many competing manufactures since. 

For this notable 964 turbo-look C4 , we found the new Öhlins road & track coilovers to be the proper fit.

To compliment the Öhlins coilovers, we installed a few other suspension bits to eliminate any play. Elephant Racing end-links on both ends of the car were used in addition to their bump steer kit. A Ruf strut brace was added to the front to give more chassis rigidity and ERP spring plates replaced the OEM plates to further help  eliminate any rubber in the suspension.

The radio was replaced in favor of a bluetooth enabled continental headunit at the request of the owner.


Pepita Inserts


Race homage can be found all over modern Porsches. From rear deck lid designs all the way to interior door pulls, there are subtle styling cues from the vintage air-cooled race cars implanted into current 911s.  We recently replaced a customers 991.2 GT3 seats inserts for early 911R inspired pepita inserts to honor this homage. Pictured below are the OEM striped inserts on the left & our own in-house pepita seat inserts on the right. Made with OEM Porsche fabric, these inserts look right at home in the 911 interior.


Along with the seat inserts, we also installed our own in-house fabricated bolster covers to protect your lightweight buckets from normal wear & tear of getting in & out of the car. These covers feature an OEM look with deviating stitching to keep the stock aesthetic as well as stay low profile.


Both the seat inserts & bolster covers are offered from Rstrada in various finishes to fit your needs. Please inquire below to see what we can do for your lightweight buckets.

Polar Silver 964

It’s been 30 years since the debut of the first Porsche 964. 30 years wears a lot on a car-  rubber parts tend to dry out, mechanical parts have worn near their limits and the overall vehicle itself is tired. Upon request we refreshed this 1990 964 to give it a new lease on life.

The first order of business for this car was to revitalize the 3.6 motor with a full tune-up including a valve adjustment, plugs, fuel filter, and new air filter. The secondary muffler was replaced with a Scart swan neck. Following the tune up, we took to every part of the suspension to ensure proper handling. JRZ RS One coilovers all around featuring new top mounts in the front were installed. The front end received a RUF strut brace, Elephant Racing bump steer kit, essential RUF steer stop kit, refreshed control arms with new bushings, ball joints and wheel bearings while the rear received ERP spring plates. Eibach sway bars were added in both the front and rear of the car, joined with Elephant Racing drop links.

Once the suspension was addressed, we replaced the stock brakes with the Brembo GT brake kit. The standard silver paint was stripped off all 4 calipers and refinished in Porsche Acid Blue. The front fog lights were deleted and replaced with fully functional 964 CUP brake ducts.

Standard 964 comfort seats were substituted for full leather Recaro Pole Positions and black seat belts were swapped for Carrera RS Maritime Blue. Other interior changes featured in-house fabricated door cards with Maritime Blue OEM Porsche RS door pulls. Following the RS theme, a Porsche CUP steering wheel was added. The factory radio was replaced with a Bluetooth enabled Continental head unit.

With the addition of larger brakes, larger wheels were needed for clearance. The perfect match was a new 18" RUF wheel set wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport CUP 2 tires. The RUF logo on the center caps was color matched to keep the Porsche Acid Blue theme going.  A RUF front spoiler was also added to enhance aero and aesthetics.

Less is more in the rear of any 911. The standard rear windshield and wiper were removed and replaced with a genuine OEM RS rear window that features thinner glass, no wiper hole, and no rear defogger. Appropriate action was taken on the rear parcel shelf by filling the wiper slot and deleting the speakers.

RUF announces SCR 2018

At the 88th Geneva International Motor Show, the sports car manufacturer RUF presents their traditional keystones based on today’s trendsetting technology: the new RUF SCR 2018. More power, less weight, more safety features and in addition to this, the peerless presence of a four-litre normally aspirated engine with 510 hp – the new SCR is our characterful answer to the desire for a pure, undiluted driving pleasure in a world without compromises.

A look back in time: the name SCR stands for a 40 year lasting tradition in the history of the brand. The SCR had its premiere in the year 1978 and immediately it impressed the critical experts of the well-known German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport who stated: “Power, everywhere you step!” The published test in the issue #13/1978 was greatly acknowledged in the motoring scene back then.

The original SCR was driven by an engine with six cylinders, 3.2 liter engine displacement and maximum power uprated to 217 hp. The standard engines delivered 180 hp. The SCR carries a large front spoiler with round brake-cooling ducts plus an integrated oil-cooler. At the rear, a whale-tail spoiler was fitted to the engine lid to ensure balanced aerodynamics.

38 years later RUF tied in with this traditional know-how for their well-known, extraordinary performing cars and presented a stunning, new prototype at the 86th International Motor Show in Geneva. This driving machine evolved out of nothing else than the DNA of a species which helped to make the original SCR change the world of sports cars.

This deep feeling of driving pleasure was the motivation to spend another two years of development and testing of the prototype. RUF wanted to create a unique, state-of-the-art, gentleman-driver sports car for those who prefer the soundtrack of a normally-aspirated engine. The result: our brand new “RUF SCR 2018”. The new car has a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and a full carbon fibre body-shell reinforced by an integrated roll cage (IRC). The push-rod suspension on both axles allows the powerful, normally-aspirated 6-cylinder boxer-engine, with a displacement of 4.0 liters, to exploit the car’s potential to the full. Now 510 hp meet less than 1300 kg of weight packaged in an elegant, state-of-the-art carbon fibre suit.

The sports car manufacture RUF is proud to present to you their latest evolution after more than four decades cultivating a tradition for building exciting, safe and pure sporty automobiles: The new RUF SCR 2018. Never forgetting our roots and for 40 years we have stayed loyal to our traditions.

For information on the process to order a RUF SCR 2018, please inquire below.