A Classic Color Revived - Ruby Star GT3 - RXX

Introduced in 1991 with the 964 Carrera RS model, Ruby Stone Red is a bold factory color that goes against the stereotypical Porsche owners style. For the 991 era, Porsche renamed Ruby Stone to Ruby Star as one of the paint-to-sample color options, which happens to share the same color code as the original Ruby Stone Red - 82N. Additionally, the original german name for the color was “STERNRUBIN” which in direct translation is Star Ruby. The owner of this Ruby Star 991 mk2 GT3 opted for our RXX option list to be even more adventurous. The interior received our in-house fabricated seat inserts, with a fabric choice that mimics classic Porsche Jubilee in the 80’s - but with a modern twist and the color to match Ruby Star. Our protective leather bolster covers were also fitted to the lightweight buckets, in addition to color matched harness belt passages. The standard black seat belts were changed to custom made Wine Red to further enhance the color scheme.

To complete the Ruby Star theme, the standard black headlight washer nozzles & satellite radio antenna were also color matched to the body.

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