By definition, an image is simply a picture that is produced by a camera, artist or mirror. A good image will capture the feeling of what it was like to be there, a reminder of a different time perhaps. An incredible image; which Unique & Limited is in the business of creating, will move your soul. This is when an image truly becomes Art, a living, breathing masterpiece. 

Lucky for us enthusiasts, Unique & Limited happens to focus on automotive history

Unique & Limited produces images in large-scale format and detail that wasn’t available at the time due to the limits of technology. Based out of Prague, CZ – the artists at Unique and Limited go to amazing lengths to produce and recapture a specific moment.  Utilizing a combination of photography and CGI, Unique & Limited remasters events that photography couldn’t capture vividly at that point in time. Fine points such as patina on the vehicles, to the fabric on the models clothing is scrutinized to ensure a proper feel. The level of detail is simply remarkable. 

Until this past weekend, Unique & Limited’s presence has been limited to exhibition booths at concourse type events. An opportunity to work with us at our Torrance location provided the perfect gallery for Unique & Limited’s formal premier on US soil.

With an example of virtually every image available from their gallery on display in varying sizes, Unique & Limited had their full arsenal in one place for the first time. 

A single night to showcase the amazing pieces from Unique & Limited is simply not enough time. That being said, the Unique & Limited gallery will continue to be displayed at Rstrada, with prints available for purchase as well. 

For more images from the Unique & Limited Private Gallery please visit our gallery here.