McLaren 570S - Novitec Treatment

There are few cars available that provide the presence, performance and the value of the McLaren 570S. Despite this, as enthusiasts we are always looking for ways to make our cars even more special. Enter Novitec and their spring and wheel spacer offering.

Our experience with Novitec has been solid, installing several of their 458 spring setups on customer vehicles. The 570S lowering option eliminates wheel gap by 30mm while still utilizing all factory dampening and lift configurations.

Novitec spacers add to the vehicle track width, complimenting the lowering springs to provide the perfect look as well as aid in overall performance. The spacers are made of high strength aluminum and anodized for corrosion protection.

The Novitec springs can be found here in our marketplace for order & the spacers can be found here. Please contact us for more information regarding Novitec applications available for your vehicle.

To see more images of this 570S, please visit the gallery here.