Pepita Inserts


Race homage can be found all over modern Porsches. From rear deck lid designs all the way to interior door pulls, there are subtle styling cues from the vintage air-cooled race cars implanted into current 911s.  We recently replaced a customers 991.2 GT3 seats inserts for early 911R inspired pepita inserts to honor this homage. Pictured below are the OEM striped inserts on the left & our own in-house pepita seat inserts on the right. Made with OEM Porsche fabric, these inserts look right at home in the 911 interior.


Along with the seat inserts, we also installed our own in-house fabricated bolster covers to protect your lightweight buckets from normal wear & tear of getting in & out of the car. These covers feature an OEM look with deviating stitching to keep the stock aesthetic as well as stay low profile.


Both the seat inserts & bolster covers are offered from Rstrada in various finishes to fit your needs. Please inquire below to see what we can do for your lightweight buckets.